Press Release – For Immediate Release

The Swedish Diet debuts it’s new DIET SHOT at NACS Show in Chicago, October 1st, 2011.          


The Swedish Diet Weight Loss System announces launch of the DIET SHOT! The 2 oz bottle gives users the opportunity for flexible and easy use of the popular Swedish Diet System.

Largo, FL – September 26th, 2011/Press Release –Health to Happiness Inc, today announced its Swedish Diet line to launch a new great tasting natural DIET SHOT for single serve use.  “It’s ready to drink and is the first Diet Shot in the market. It gives you all you need in place of breakfast or an afternoon snack. Perfect for on the go dieting, before work, when travelling, or at the office, to meet the needs of our busy lifestyles”, says Erin Fray, Chief Marketing Officer.


The Swedish Diet System gently boosts metabolism, decreases appetite and aids digestion to promote weight loss. The ready to drink liquid is loaded with nourishing vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, electrolytes, green tea, and fiber that one needs while eating less to lose weight. Simply drink one Diet Shot in the morning in place of breakfast, enjoy a sensible lunch, take another Diet Shot in the afternoon, enjoy dinner and also exercise for 20 minutes a day. The program has been proven to promote safe and sustainable weight loss rates for thousands of people and there are also three clinical studies to prove the efficacy of this diet system. It includes an easy-to-follow program with meal suggestions and recipes. The Swedish Diet is drug free, caffeine free, gluten free, and fat free.


It’s the only Diet Shot on the market - no other diet plan can claim these same results with natural ingredients and it’s affordable at only 2.99.